Monday, March 11, 2013

What I have been up to. . .

What I have done. . . 

So I know I have not posted anything for some time now. Life and a few other reasons have prohibited me from doing so. 

ANYWHO. . . here is my latest update!

Finished commissions:


I have done quite a bit of work! Here we see multiple chain maille bags. Some new full persian copper bracelets. There is also a Half Persian 4 in 1 copper and brass 32" Knights chain. 

What's new?

Well I now make my own rings! . . . (wait for it). . . 


Ok all serious now. 

Now that I make my own rings I am able to do some AMAZING weaves sooner then I would normally. This also allows me to actually make some stock!

New card reader?!

I have a card reader! YES! (fist pumps) Now I can actually accept most major credit cards. . . lets see where that picture is. . . 

Now that I have a card reader I will have to have a lil disclaimer stating that I will not use card numbers for any use but the transaction that you get a receipt for. Punishable by law of course.

What I have done since the commissions:

Here are more pictures of some of my latest work. Here we will see some Byzantine, Full Persian mini chains (can be made into earrings, charms, and such)

Yes that is a penguin in chain maille armor. What now!!!

On a side note, thanks to a friend, I now have a white seal plushie that I plan to put in armor and make a chain maille saddle for him to clip on at times. Then I want to get a lil Halbred, a Shield, and a Helmet.

Sexy I know!

Well that is all for me right now!

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