Monday, March 11, 2013

What I have been up to. . .

What I have done. . . 

So I know I have not posted anything for some time now. Life and a few other reasons have prohibited me from doing so. 

ANYWHO. . . here is my latest update!

Finished commissions:


I have done quite a bit of work! Here we see multiple chain maille bags. Some new full persian copper bracelets. There is also a Half Persian 4 in 1 copper and brass 32" Knights chain. 

What's new?

Well I now make my own rings! . . . (wait for it). . . 


Ok all serious now. 

Now that I make my own rings I am able to do some AMAZING weaves sooner then I would normally. This also allows me to actually make some stock!

New card reader?!

I have a card reader! YES! (fist pumps) Now I can actually accept most major credit cards. . . lets see where that picture is. . . 

Now that I have a card reader I will have to have a lil disclaimer stating that I will not use card numbers for any use but the transaction that you get a receipt for. Punishable by law of course.

What I have done since the commissions:

Here are more pictures of some of my latest work. Here we will see some Byzantine, Full Persian mini chains (can be made into earrings, charms, and such)

Yes that is a penguin in chain maille armor. What now!!!

On a side note, thanks to a friend, I now have a white seal plushie that I plan to put in armor and make a chain maille saddle for him to clip on at times. Then I want to get a lil Halbred, a Shield, and a Helmet.

Sexy I know!

Well that is all for me right now!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Whats new! . . . BEAVERS vs DUCKS!

Beavers vs Ducks!

So at the behest of a friend (Thanks Will!) it was reccomended to me to do Beaver Scale Flowers AND Duck Scale Flowers. Here is a picture!

These looks GREAT! For you Duck fans or Beaver fans out there I can do a lot of projects in these colors!

I can do many things with these flowers and I would LOVE ideas! Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whats New. . . Portland Wizardworld Comic Con O.o

Comic Con

I have got the go ahead from the managers from the Wizard World Comic Con that is coming to Portlandfor the FIRST TIME! Great balls of FIRE this is HUGE! 

Here the link to their website
Wizard World Portland Comic Con Website

This is a big event for me! I have so far 2 other firends of mine putting in the money for the booth! They will help me sell and talk to people since those that know me, knows that I am not that great on this.

Together the three of us have come up with a lot of good ideas for what to make and what colors to use. I am always open to new ideas and would love feedback!

What would you like to see color wise?

I am planning about $300 of supplies! Now I am going to be getting a ton of mixed sets of rings of different sizes so I can make many many different things!

The booth ispaid for already but I could use help paying for the materials! For those that wish to assist with the materials, let me know! I have some good ideas on paying you back for the assist as well as some products that you will get for free depending on your donation. Think of it like a kickstarter without being directly on kickstarter.

Something new~!

I will be doing something new. A Candy Cande Cord with a flower to make a complete bracelet.

Overlapping Scale Flower with a Candy Cane Cord Bracelet back

Front of the Flower CCC Bracelet

Overlapping Scale Flower

The flowers are relitively quick to make which is GREAT! I will be making some more of the Candy Cane Cord (CCC) in different colors!

Well let me know what you think! I will be posting pictures of the event and such!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Incoming supplies and a Referral system

Incoming supplies!

SO I am glad to announce that I will be getting about 10,000! rings in a day or so! *does a happy dance!*

This is exciting news because not ONLY will I be able to finish up a few commissions (like the responsible mailler I am) But I will get the chance to try out some AMAZING new weaves! 

There are about 20 weaves in all I want to try out and I will have MORE than enough rings to make each of them! MWUHAHAHAHA!

Thanks to this I will be doing another one of my teaching articles in the next day or so that goes over EACH of these weaves. I will be explaining their differences, my thoughts, etc so stay tuned for that!

Referral System

I am pleased to announce that I will be starting up a referral system! Now most of you are thinking "why is this so important?" Well let me explain. This system will allow you to make a percentage off of what I make when you refer a friend. 

So lets John does not get anything but he has talked to me and refered a friend that has made an order. Well John will get 20% of what ever I make. That includes the wage cost and even the material cost! 

Now I do have to know you in order to send you the money that is due to you if you do indeed refer someone. I can not have some one claiming to be John and ordering something just so they can get 20% of their money back (that would be cheating me and a gross abuse of the system) 

IF you have made an order in the past this bonus will increase to 30%! 

That is it for now! have a great day and show this off!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Etched Scales! BOY OH BOY!

What are these etched scales?

So I found something amazing today! And it has been bugging me to no end too. . . well here let me who you what I am talking about.

These are scales and tags that my providers sells. These are not like normal ones however. These are laser etched which makes these AMAZING! Now the images are ok but these are just stock images. I can request any image I want, for instance I can ask for Full Metal Alchemist symbols, or the Stark house symbol. I can do Sailor Moon symbols and other anime symbols and pictures. 

Now I have a bunch of ideas for these like bracelets, earrings, hair ties, flowers, butterflies, and even bookmarks.

For some reason EVEN with all these GREAT ideas something is missing and I can not quite place it. 

For this reason I am asking you that folow my blog to help me out and give me some ideas. I will Start a poll later on with some of the ideas so I know what I should start with and then work on towards!

Thank you all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New order and weave! Why yes please!

New Weave!

So for those that have seen recently I have been able to make Elfweave! Now I personally like elfweave but have a slight dislike of it as well. IT refuses to keep the shape that it is woven into. WELL I have figured out how to fix this! By making it into Elfsheet! 

Here let me show you a few pictures!

Elfweave and Elfsheet right next to eachother

Elfsheet and a Celtic Star (Star is 1 1/2" tall)

Close up of Elfweave and Sheet

Elfsheet on my wrist!
Now elfsheet is GREAT! I love it personally. It takes about 30 minutes to add on the new row and can be expanded into a full body armour if one wanted (at a high cost and lots of work)  

Now the elfsheet in the pictures is just 3 rows. Which with the 16g 1/4" Bright Aluminium rings I used is only 1 1/2" wide. It weighs a solid half of a pound or so which is impresive in Aluminium standards.

For those that knew about my hatred with this weave, it was purely stupid of me to even consider hating this weave. It did take me some time to get the Elfweave and then sheet down but it was rather easy where as the tutorials online and on youtube made it look harder than it really was.

WIth my new order that I will be talking about next I will be able to do something AMAZING with Elfsheet! Let me show you!

3 row elfsheet dark green rings are actual Rubber rings!
The above picture is a FULL bracelet! This bracelet has NO connector it is a solid piece. The reason for this is because there are Rubber rings on it. The rubber rings allow the bracelet to stretch and thus no connector is needed. 

I will be doing this with about 3 bracelets to start and if anyone wants one let me know. When I run out I will make more on demand! Just ask for the price!

New order!

So this friday I will be placing an order for about $160 worth of materials! This includes copper, brass, rubber rings, bright aluminium rings as well as some anodized aluminium! 

I will be making some dicebags for a commission that will be sent out in mid January as I stated with the buyer and that will be my FIRST commission out of state where I currently live!

I also have some SCA chains and will have with my some AMAZING 14g copper rings! Now 14g is REALLY thick and for those that have worked with or around chainmaille know it is considered by near amount of everyone as true armor grade for chainmaille!

Pictures of this shipment when I receive it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whats this!. . . New Weave UNLOCKED!

Pardon the use of a corny title but I could not help it. ANYWHO. . .


So my new weave happens to be Elfweave! Now some of you know that I complained A LOT! about this weave. Good news I have MASTERED this weave and I am now working on its next incarnation, Elfsheet!

Well as they say on the internet, Pics or it never happened!

Here are 3 pics of the same sheet with a few different settings on my Tablets camera.

Now out of 5 stars in difficulty, Elfweave is a 3 star weave. This does not make it hard but it is complex because you have to keep track of what you are doing with it. 

I will be posting my pictures of my elfsheet that I will do tomorrow night. Till then!