Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whats this!. . . New Weave UNLOCKED!

Pardon the use of a corny title but I could not help it. ANYWHO. . .


So my new weave happens to be Elfweave! Now some of you know that I complained A LOT! about this weave. Good news I have MASTERED this weave and I am now working on its next incarnation, Elfsheet!

Well as they say on the internet, Pics or it never happened!

Here are 3 pics of the same sheet with a few different settings on my Tablets camera.

Now out of 5 stars in difficulty, Elfweave is a 3 star weave. This does not make it hard but it is complex because you have to keep track of what you are doing with it. 

I will be posting my pictures of my elfsheet that I will do tomorrow night. Till then!

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