Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New works! . . .

New works come out!

Ok so here are a few things I have made yesterday and today. Took me a few hours to complete al together. 

Here we have 5 Sets of Mobi'i, 2 Dual Dragon Tear Earrings, 2 Celtic Stars, and 3 Dog Ears

The Mobi'i

The Dog Loops

One of the Dual Dragon Tears. This one is Purple and Red with red mobius linked to standard 2in2 purple rings

Celtic Stars (Here Cody I will have these on Thrusday)
So the Dragon Tears and the Stars as you may see share color combinations. These are for a commission for Orion. 2 Necklaces and 2 sets of earrings for $80. . . not bad considering I have to work scales onto the necklaces. . . Finished products either tomorrow or the day after. . . 

I have some Dual Flowers that I am making for another comission, those WILL be up tomorrow night. The comission is due Thrusday. . . 5 sets of Flower hairclips for $40. . . Cody is lucky that he is a friend and it is christmas >.>

More work coming up in the next few days. I will have all the current comissions done and will be doing free work with what I have left so I can sell those. 

Remember to check out my new Etsy Shop! I will be listing the earrings up on there as well as the stars. So if you like anything go to there and everything will be set up for you to make the right decision ;)

G'night all! 

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