Sunday, December 2, 2012

New works. . . and wait. . .what is this Etsy thing?

What is new?

Well I finished up some new works here let me show you!

Close up of Half Persian

Half Persian Neckalce

More Scale Flowers

Silver Box Chain

What is this Etsy thing?

So I have been asked if I have had an Etsy ultiple times and every time I stated that it was underpriced for what I am trying to do with Majestic Maille. Well I have spoken with some people and read up some great information on Etsy and it seems to be great way to jump start a business. 

Well i am now on Etsy and here is the link:

Go check it out for this is where I will be selling all these amazing works you will see here! If you have any questions or ideas I am always open to these (only way to get good right!)

Well its early in the morning and I am sleeply. . . I will be on later! Have a great day.

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