Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is this. . . a Contest!?

What it is all about!

So as all of you know, Majestic Maille is almost a month old now. To celebrate this and Christmas I am holding a contest!

Here is the low down on this contest.

I am looking for the person that refers 3 people to either my Etsy Shop, my blog, or to me personally. They have to order something with the value of $15 or more, per person!

Now what could you possibly get that would make this worth it? 

Here is what the winner gets! 

First person to accomplish this will get a $50 credit to Majestic Maille! 

If there is a second you will get a $35 credit and if there is a third you will get a $20 credit!

Now why could this be important, you may be wondering. Well first of all it is free stuff that you want! Secondly Christmas is coming up REAL SOON so what would be better than a custom made, one of a kind Majestic Maille creation to the one you love. . . or maybe just to yourself!

I am also including bead work into this and I WILL foot the bill on that if you want custom beads from Fire Inspired! (Not cheap but they are AMAZING!) 

As always ideas, opinions, questions, and thoughts are welcome!

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