Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SCA Commissions!

So at the end of Heavy Armor fighter practice on the 10th I showed a few of theguys there my Full Persian 18g 1/4" 8" bracelet. (here is a pic of it)
Full Persian Bracelet in the center!
Now afew of them were REALLY excited about the prospect of a custom made Knights Chain! They had asked me to get them some prices and pictures of what it will look like etc. One of them asked for a Copper and either brass or Bronze mix. He wanted a picture and since Facebook gives me trouble I figured I will kill all the birds with a single stone and post this up here.

Now lets look at some bracelets and the costs. I am going to focus on full persian for the beginning and move on to half persian at the end.

Full Persian:

First let us see some pics of differnt materials and FP!

Aged Brass with Copper lines

Stainless Steel and Copper

Another pic of the aged Brass and Copper
These look great huh!

Now at 18g like my bright aluminium bracelet is only 8" long and the chain will be roughly 3-4 times that length. This makes materials with shipping come to about $20 for the 18g. 

Now because bronze, copper, and brass are somewhat softer material to deal with, I have to increase my hourly price because Ihave to be careful with them, now that does not increase my time, thankfully. 

Now when looking at a BIGGER version of this in Copper (14g) Material costs come out to be $60! That includes the shipping. The reason it costs so much is the place I order my rings from (since being homeless robs my capability to make my own rings) sell by the Ounce. So smaller gauge wire is thicker so heavier which means less in a ounce, not to mention that shipping gets higher. Thankfully  I do not need as many rings though. I still want about 800 rings for saftey purposes (have more than enough rings and you make sure that you do not need to order more!)

Half Persian:

Here is a picture of mixed half persian
Copper and Stainless steel (gives you the feel of how it alternates)

This is a square ring Brass and copper HP
Prices are about a 3rd to a quarter less than FP. So the costs for materials for a 18g is $15 and the 14g is $40.

Thoughts? Just let me know I do know other weaves such as Byzantine, Viperscale, and even Dragonback.

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