Monday, December 10, 2012

What is on the Table 10DEC2012

So I am back with another "What is on the Table" article! Today I will be going over what I have completed over the last week, what I am working on, AND future works!

What has been finished:

So here are a few commissions I have finished this past week! 

Flower Power on a clip commission:

First one that was finished was a Christmas Present for my friends 3 nieces. This commission was for 6 dual colored Flower Hairclips! He was able to get all 6 for $30! What great value! Now let us seem some pic (or it never happened right ~_^ )

These came out GREAT! Took me about 2 hours to complete (these where my first ones EVER!) but I think they look great! 

As you can see they are in sets of 2, we have from left to right a Pink and Blue set, a Blue and Purple set, and lastly a Pink and Purple set. Each one has a hairclip attached (was tricky trying to figure out the best way for the hairclip. . . )

The Dragon scale commission:

The second one that I finished for one Orion Miller. Now this commission was for 2 sets of Dual Dragon Tear Earrings, and 2 Necklaces with a special scale combination AND a celtic star (I came up with the design and everything!)

Once again lets go to the pics!

The Dual Dragon Tears

Celtic Stars
The entire commission

18" and 24" Euro 4 in 1 Celtic Star Scale Necklaces (need better name. . . )

Now the Dual Dragon Tear Earrings are something of my own design (some one else might of done it but I have yet to find one named like mine) They are 2 scales normally of different colors that are connected by a 2 in 2, 5 link chain with the small scale colors being a 2 ring Mobius Flower (It is a personal touch really, I am a sucker for Dragonscale and Mobius. . . what can I say. . . )

The stars are actually the connecting point for the toggle clasps for the necklaces, so the necklaces are suppose to hang either right above the cleavage, or right between, and instead of connecting it in the back, it is done right there in the front! 

Now the earrings did not take all that long (about 15-20 minutes in total) but the necklaces. . . those took a bit. Since I have never seen one of these (they are my own personal design so of course I have not seen them) before, I had a few interesting issues come up. Thankfully I was able to "smooth" these out and voila, commission complete!

Side Project #1:

A side Project i have been working on are some earrings to throw onto my Etsy store as well as a way to have easy access to some product on hand.

Here are some pics:

3 sets of Shaggy Loops (I call then Dog Ears)

A bunch of my second favorite earrings the Mobius Flowers! 

Now you have already seen my Dual Dragon Tears so I dont think I need to show them off again but I am going to finish the Red and black one I have in my box so that I have an example of it (just need the time)

Now the Mobius and the Shaggy Loops (Dog Ears hence forth) are made from a 16g 5/32" anodized aluminium rings! 

I like to think that I did a few good color combinations (what do you guys think?)

Now my earring prices HAVE to be updated, on the other page but the prices for these are for the Mobius, $6 per pair. The Dog Ears are $8 per pair, and the Dual Dragon Tears are $10! 

Well lets move on shall we?

Current Commissions:

So now I have only 1 commission that I am working on (Yes Cody this is yours). I am working on 5 large Dual Scale Flowers (here lets take a look at what they will look like)

Dual Scales Both large

Dual Alternate Scales (one large one small)
These are both pains to do. The integeral issue with scale flowers is that everything is based on what size rings you use (I do not have a big enough selection). Now they are being finished (slowly) and they will be done on time but they are time consuming and a bit painful but I love them so. . . . 

Free work:

I have a Copper Full Persian Bracelet that I am working on, just waiting for the material to ship in since I do not have any copper on me to do this in. . . will have to be REAL careful since it scratches REAL EASY LIKE!

Upcoming Commissions:

Now I only have one but it is for a Pink and White Full Persian Necklace with a T hanging fron the front and then a heart and then a J so it will be; 


(FP is full persian) 

That is it for me. If you have any ideas comments, concerns. Just let me know I am always craving feedback!

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