Thursday, November 29, 2012

Newly Completed!

This is a new series based on what I have finished this week. This sill be done on Thrusdays, just because I can!

Whats been done!

So here is what I have comepleted this week.
Everything completed

Full Persian Bracelet, Giant test flower, and Red Gold Flower for commission

3 sets of 2 flowers hairclips for a commision

Scale Bracelet. . . stunning!

So besides the 7 flowers everything is for sale. 

The bracelets are great! The Full Persian is very flexible and light. It is made out of Bright Aluminium. I am selling the bracelelt for $20. If you want it do hurry I have a few people considering it

Now the Scale bracelet is a BEAUTY! Here are a few more pics.

So this bracelet is pretty big, roughly 7.5-9" long it is a pretty gold and brown scales. It looks like Copper dragon scales if you ask me. It has a toggle clasp as seen in a few of the photos.

This bracelet is going for $50 once again got a few people but if you want it just email me at

Thank you all once again!

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