Friday, November 23, 2012

Basic Price Guide! Earrings and Misc.

Price guide!

A lot of people LOVE earrings. What about pendants and clips or pins? Well here I am going to be showing some pictures and prices of what I have got to sell in these categories.

Earrings (By pair):

Dual Colored Mobius Flower

Single Mobius Flower:

Anodized Aluminium: $15
Stainless Steel: $20
Copper: $25

Double Mobius:

Anodized Aluminium: $20
Stainless Steel: $25
Copper: $30

Dragon Tears:

Dragon Tear earrings are great additions to any collection. It is unique and amazing to behold! These pieces come in a variety of colors and you can mix and match from each of the styles I will show you and the colors as well. The scales themselves are Anodized Aluminium and come in a great selection of colors. 

Just ask for what colors you want the rings or scales to be and I can see what can be done!I also can get scales in different metals but I will be asking for the fee that it will take me to order a new set of scales as an additional price.

Add $5 to the price and I can add in a different weave to the rings (Mobius Flowers are a favorite here)

Single Dragon Tear (As shown in Picture):

Anodized Aluminium: $15
Stainless Steel: $20
Copper: $25

Dual Dragon's Tear (Adds a large scale to the small one):

Anodized Aluminum: $20
Stainless Steel: $25
Copper: $30

Fuscia Dangle:

The Fuscia Dangle is a classic style of earring. They are pretty and can have anything from beads, scales, and other attachments added to the weave.

Basic Fuscia Dangle:

Anodized Aluminium: $20
Stainless Steel: $25
Copper: $30

Fuscia Dangle with attachment:

This can be Beads, Scales, or something else if you have an idea in mind. Beads will be $2 extra after the first one and Scales will be $1 after the first.

Anodized Aluminium: $25
Stainless Steel: $30
Copper: $35

Shaggy Loops:

A great weave that leaves a few rings open to move. These can also have attachments as well. Attachment prices are the same as the Fuscia Dangle

Basic Shaggy Loops:

Anodized Aluminium: $20
Stainless Steel: $25
Copper: $30

Shaggy Loops with Attachment(s):

Anodized Aluminium: $25
Stainless Steel: $30
Copper: $35

Custom Earrings:

Byzantine Earrings

Japanese 14 in 2 Flower Earrings

Scale Earrings (Can be Large or small or a mix)

Japanese Diamond 10 in 2 Earrings
The real Custom Creation (Done in elfweave)

Custom earrings can be anything. From the weave you see in the picture here or something you invision. Stepping Stone Earrings are also in this category because each one is custom made to your specifications.

Prices Vary from Earring pair to pair. They are ALWAYS sold in a Pair UNLESS there is an issue with my stock, in which case I will let you know and I will fix the issue!


These happen to be some of my favorite items! These include Hairclips, hair ties, pendants, pins, etc. As long as it is not clothing or covered in a nother segments then it fits here.

Prices Vary but for some I will give you a price for them!

Let me show you.

Celtic Star
For pendants, I can do crosses in multiple weaves (Byzantine, Full Persian, and Celtic Visions), Stars. Ask and I can tell you if I can do it. There are a ton of things I am working on in this area that will likely never be listed. . .

Wallet Chains:

Here are a bunch of wallet chains. They are 12" in length. Prices in captions! 

Full Persian $30

Byzantine $30

Half Persian $25

Helm Chain $25

From the top: Half Persian, Full Persian, Byzantine, and Dragonscale
I can also do Box Chain and Celtic Visions both are $25 

Scale Art:

Single Scale Flowers and Butterflies are $8 for a pair, add $2 for a hairclip, pin, or such.

Double Scale arts are $15 for a pair and same deal $2 for clips, pins, and such.

Custom Scale art:

If you can think of it ask me if I can potentially make it! I will research every angle of the idea and tell you if it can be done. 
Scale Scrunchy with silver rubber rings (so it is flexible)

Just ask!

Remember that any specials will apply to the prices listed here and to any custom prices that I give you for those custom orders!

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