Thursday, November 22, 2012

Specials! It is Christmas so Why not Eh?


So most places do % off their items. I can not do that just yet but I CAN take off a few of the extra charges that go into the pricing.

These specials are only good until the 10th of December. I need time to order some materials so that is why the deadline is so soon!

Here is the breakdown:


$10 off flat price. If you order a pair it is $30 off!!! 

That Copper Full Persian that goes for $45 is now only $35! If you want a Friendship set it would be $60 instead of $90!!!!


I am offering $20 off for the flat price. If you get an earriing set that jumps to $35 off.

So a Scale Necklace is normally $65 but is now only $45!

If you order a set of Dragon Tear Earrings that normally run $25 and the Scale Necklace that is $65 that is already a total of $90, with the Special that drops to only $55!!!


I am offering $10 off the flat price of ALL earrings as long as you order 2 pairs!

This is a great set of offers! I will be putting up a basic price guide so that you can look at what you want and how much it will cost with the special vs normally!

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