Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What else I do with chain maille

What else is there?

Alright, so some of you may be asking yourselves; 

"So you can do earrings, bracelets, neckalces, and wallet chains. . . Is that all!?" 

The answer to this is "No, that is ONLY the beginnning!"

In this post I will show you some of my FAVORITE things! 

Please keep in mind that these photos are not mine (for now) and I will replace the photos with my own as I get them in.

At the end I will have some more pictures that I think are fantastic!


Now some of you will remember this weave, I have shown it MANY times! (also if you look at the background it is 3 bracelets of Dragonscale)

Here are some examples. 

A 5 ring slide connector, connecting a Blue Silver Dragonscale 7 wide bracelet

The other side of that bracelet

3 Dragonscale bracelets shoing the color versatility and the majestic beauty of Dragonscale

A small 4 wide Gold and Black Dragonscale bracelet

MICROMAILLE! THis is about a 22 or high gauge Dragonscale. . . Will!!!! I shall get you!

Here is a BEAUTIFUL 4 wide Black, Gold, and Silver bracelet

Here is an ODD one. A 3 wide BUT the outside rings are small! This is not a normal Dragonscale but a GREAT idea!

Dragonscale Tie. This is a Micromaille version.

Bright Silver and Orange Full bracelet, no connector
 So now we have seen some GREAT examples of Dragonscale. It encompasses everthing chainmaille has to offer and MORE! Not only does it look great but it can take a BEATING! I have seen pieces that are 6+ years old and have never had to bbe repaired even after kids tugging and pulling, things getting caught in it etc.

About Dragonscale:

Dragonscale is a 2 sized ring weave. This DOES increase the cost so beware! Now with the 2 ring sizes one has to be VERY careful on picking the Aspect Ration of EACH ring size. ( one reason I commented on the odd one with a different ring on the big ring slot. . . ) Dragonscale is a silky sort of weave behaving like almost having a snake in your hands (same movements) This weave is also called the snake weave or Fishscales.

Dragonscale as you hav seem can be done in MANY sizes and colors. It also looks AMAZING in most any combination. This weave is actually what GOT me to start chain maille in the first place!

Ok lets more on to Scale Maille!

Scale Maille

Scale maille is a weave that does not use rings to make it up. The rings are just a SMALL portion of what is there and you usually do not even see them!

Lets get some examples!

Flower Hairclips Underside

Flower Hairclips Topview

3 colored Scale Bracelet. 3 wide

Alternating 1 wide Blue scale bracelet

Pink Hand Flower

Blue and white (Azure and Argent) 3 wide Necklace

Scale Scrunchy

In action!


Extended Scale Chocker with costom Leather

Scale Dicebags (Crocheted, Mine will be knitted with rings instead of yarn)

Scale Tie (try going to a meeting in this! The looks are AMAZING!)

Scale Wrist Flower 

So here we have seen some AMAZING styles of scale use! Now thankfully scales are not expensive (about $4 for 100 of the small ones) and thankfully scales cover a DECENT area (300 small ones for a sq foot of item) so they are not OUTRAGEOUS! Which is great. Take for instance the Alternating Blue 1 Wide bracelet up there, that would go for like $20! That thing is almost 50 scales LONG! But it would not take long to make! Which is GREAT!

Now something like that scale chocker and you are looking at about 6+ hours of time at max and that piece would run about $120ish at best!

Scale is a great median, and I can work most ANYTHING into either scale OR chain. All you have to do is ask!

Well that is all for me tonight! Next time I will be doing a little price explanation so everyone understands just HOW I do this and why I am not pulling numbers from odd places!

Great Pictures!

Dragonscale Pendents. Great for Keychains, phone clips, etc and cheap to! $5 a piece! 

Dragonscale Earring! OH MY! These are a treat. Now almost ANY weave can become  an earring (looking at you JPL) but these ones look GREAT!

Purple and silver version

Dragonscale Bracelet with speciality clasp

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