Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Incoming supplies and a Referral system

Incoming supplies!

SO I am glad to announce that I will be getting about 10,000! rings in a day or so! *does a happy dance!*

This is exciting news because not ONLY will I be able to finish up a few commissions (like the responsible mailler I am) But I will get the chance to try out some AMAZING new weaves! 

There are about 20 weaves in all I want to try out and I will have MORE than enough rings to make each of them! MWUHAHAHAHA!

Thanks to this I will be doing another one of my teaching articles in the next day or so that goes over EACH of these weaves. I will be explaining their differences, my thoughts, etc so stay tuned for that!

Referral System

I am pleased to announce that I will be starting up a referral system! Now most of you are thinking "why is this so important?" Well let me explain. This system will allow you to make a percentage off of what I make when you refer a friend. 

So lets John does not get anything but he has talked to me and refered a friend that has made an order. Well John will get 20% of what ever I make. That includes the wage cost and even the material cost! 

Now I do have to know you in order to send you the money that is due to you if you do indeed refer someone. I can not have some one claiming to be John and ordering something just so they can get 20% of their money back (that would be cheating me and a gross abuse of the system) 

IF you have made an order in the past this bonus will increase to 30%! 

That is it for now! have a great day and show this off!

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