Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whats New. . . Portland Wizardworld Comic Con O.o

Comic Con

I have got the go ahead from the managers from the Wizard World Comic Con that is coming to Portlandfor the FIRST TIME! Great balls of FIRE this is HUGE! 

Here the link to their website
Wizard World Portland Comic Con Website

This is a big event for me! I have so far 2 other firends of mine putting in the money for the booth! They will help me sell and talk to people since those that know me, knows that I am not that great on this.

Together the three of us have come up with a lot of good ideas for what to make and what colors to use. I am always open to new ideas and would love feedback!

What would you like to see color wise?

I am planning about $300 of supplies! Now I am going to be getting a ton of mixed sets of rings of different sizes so I can make many many different things!

The booth ispaid for already but I could use help paying for the materials! For those that wish to assist with the materials, let me know! I have some good ideas on paying you back for the assist as well as some products that you will get for free depending on your donation. Think of it like a kickstarter without being directly on kickstarter.

Something new~!

I will be doing something new. A Candy Cande Cord with a flower to make a complete bracelet.

Overlapping Scale Flower with a Candy Cane Cord Bracelet back

Front of the Flower CCC Bracelet

Overlapping Scale Flower

The flowers are relitively quick to make which is GREAT! I will be making some more of the Candy Cane Cord (CCC) in different colors!

Well let me know what you think! I will be posting pictures of the event and such!

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